We rent a variety of trailers to meet your hauling needs.

Please contact us at (936) 291-0404 to reserve a trailer. 


(policies are subject to change without notice)


A completed Eastex Trailers & Storage Trailer Rental Agreement is required, specific to the trailer being rented, at the time the rental trailer is picked up.


A 50% security deposit (including sales tax) is required (calculated by the applicable rental rate) when reserving a trailer by phone, email or in person. A 48-hour notice must be given when canceling a reservation in order to be refunded a security deposit.


The rental payment is to be made whole when the trailer is picked up (security deposit + the balance of the rent including sales tax). Acceptable forms of payment are cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards.


A $300 damage security deposit is required at the time a trailer is rented. The security deposit will be fully refunded when the rented trailer is returned without damages and/or missing components (this does not apply to prior damages or missing components of the trailer). A pre-inspection and post-inspection will be conducted with the renter and a representative of Eastex Trailers & Storage.


No drivers under the age of 18 permitted to rent and/or tow the trailer unless written permission is given to you by us.


Valid U.S. driver's license required.


Proof of current auto liability insurance on the vehicle that will tow the rental trailer. 


Once the rental trailer leaves our premises, there will be no refunds.


You must have our written permission to tow a rental trailer out of the state of Texas before the trailer leaves our premises.


It is the renter’s responsibility to make sure the load being towed is secured properly.


The towing vehicle cannot exceed the manufactures’ towing rating.  


Tow vehicle must have correct size, strength ball and ball mount suitable for the rented trailer. 


Tow vehicle's trailer electrical connection and wiring must be in acceptable working condition.


Renter will be charged for damaged or blown tire(s).


Trailer must be returned cleaned or the renter will be subject to a cleaning fee.




Need ratchet straps? We rent and sell them. We also rent and sell ball mounts and trailer electrical adapters. Ask about these items when you reserve or rent your trailer.






Rental periods are as follows: 

Daily (Minimum Rental Period): 24 hour period

Weekend: Pickup after 3pm on Friday and returned by 9am on Monday

Weekly: 5-7 consecutive days

Monthly: 4 consecutive weeks

Need it longer? Call or email us for rates!

Rates subject to change without notice


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Our Dump Trailer is ideal for hauling gravel, rock, soil, mulch, and other materials. Can also be used to haul equipment as it is equipped with 4 D-Rings and

2-60" ramps. 


Trailer Specs: 

Overall Length 12', Width 82" Height 32"

GVWR: 14,900 pounds

Payload Capacity: 10,600 pounds; 8 yrds of material

Takes a 2-5/16" tall ball and a 7 Round RV electrical connection (plug)

Equipped with two 60" ramps suitable for loading light and medium duty equipment



Daily  $125 + applicable sales tax

Weekend $165 + applicable sales tax

Weekly $625 + applicable sales tax

Monthly $1,875 + applicable sales tax



Our deckover flatbed trailer rental trailer is ideal for hauling pay loads such as larger cars and trucks, tractors, equipment, construction materials; etc. 



Overall length is 22', with 4ft. being dovetail. Width is 102"

GVWR: 14,900 pounds

Payload Capacity: 11,300 pounds

Equipped with 2-60" ramps

Takes a 2 5/16" ball and a 7 Round RV electrical connection



Daily $115 + applicable sales tax

Weekend $145 + applicable sales tax

Weekly $575 + applicable sales tax  

Monthly $1,725 + applicable sales tax



Our Landscape Utility rental trailer is ideal for hauling items such as lawn equipment, furniture, and appliances 



Length is 12', Width is 77", Sides are 24" tall

GVWR: 5,000 pounds

Payload Capacity: 3,300 pounds

Equipped with a 48" stand-up ramp

Takes a 2" ball and a 7 Round RV Electrical Connection 



Daily $45 + applicable sales tax

Weekend $65 + applicable sales tax

Weekly $225 + applicable sales tax

Monthly $675 + applicable sales tax


Livestock trailer-left side view (1).JPG
Livestock trailer-left rear side view.JP

Our Livestock Rental Trailer is ideal for hauling two large cow or bull, 3-4 calves, two full size horses, a few head of sheep, goats, or hogs. 



Bed length is 14', Width is 72", Height is 78"

GVWR: 7,000 pounds

Payload Capacity: 4,400 pounds

Takes a 2" ball and a 7 round RV electrical connection (plug)



Daily $80 + applicable sales tax

Weekend $110 + applicable sales tax

Weekly $400 + applicable sales tax

Monthly $1,200 + applicable sales tax


Our Auto Hauler rental trailer is ideal for towing small to mid-size cars and trucks, smaller tractors, and similarly sized equipment. 



Overall length is 18', 2ft. being the dovetail.

Width is 82" (between fenders) 

GVWR: 7,000 pounds

Payload Capacity: 3,200 pounds

Takes a 2" ball and 7 Round RV electrical connection (plug)

Equipped with 2-48" ramps or 60" ramps



Daily $65 + applicable sales tax

Weekend $85 +applicable sales tax

Weekly $325 +  applicable sales tax

Monthly $975 +applicable sales tax 



front left view.JPG
rear view with ramps.JPG


Overall length is 20', 2ft. being the dovetail

Width is 82" (between fenders)

GVWR: 9,890 pounds

Payload Capacity: 7,400 pounds

Takes a 2-5/16" ball and a 7 round RV electrical connection (plug)

Equipped with two 48" ramps

All steel deck



Daily $80 + applicable sales tax

Weekend $110 + applicable sales tax

Weekly $400 + applicable sales tax

Monthly $1,200 + applicable sales tax

Winch Rate: $35 (day one) and $10 for subsequent days with each rental agreement + applicable sales tax

winch photo.JPG